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@meinhass_archives started as a literal archive for my album/song cover artworks back in 2019 that i would design for my favorite songs as a part of "30-day challenge". 30-day soon turned into 100-day, then 365-day, and then i just couldn't stop designing album/song cover artworks 😳 (which i still design as a hobby to this day).


Posting "inspirational quotes" was something that i started doing because i simply had a lot to say (lol). Being on this transforming journey called life i wanted to share knowledge and simply good vibes in a funny but informative way. And yes, you guessed it, I still design "inspirational quotes" as a hobby to this day 😳


As any artist, i always wanted to create something meaningful, with a message, something that would change somebody's life or at least make somebody laugh or contemplate their own life (LOL). @meinhass_archives is my way of doing that. Or at least trying to.

Please feel free to check out the world of @meinhass_archives by clicking button below!

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Apply stickers

Me being the “inspirational quotes” creator and strickers lover, I teamed up with @Apply to create a set of stickers. Everybody loves stickers. And I think what’s so powerful about stickers is that you can put them anywhere, they are tiny and cute,

you can decorate anything with stickers, and of course stickers have a power of self-expression. Please feel free to check out the stickers by clicking the button below!


Paperboy London

Paperboy® is a London-based online retailer of personalized design-led greeting cards and gifts, celebrating contemporary illustration and creativity, and the people behind it. It’s an app that lets you pick a card and mail it to whoever - family member, friend, lover, co-worker (lol). Collection of my designs can be seen on the Paperboy® app.


In collaboration with CASETiFY I had a chance to design @meinhass_archives collection of tech accessories that include phone, Airpods, iPad, and MacBook cases, as well as Apple watch bands. I wanted to create collection that would serve as a reminder of important messages like being gentle with yourself and trusting the process, all in a @meinhass_archives style/look. You can check out the whole collection by clicking the button below!

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Givingli is the application that allows you to send personalized electronic post card to anyone anywhere. So if you’d like to send an electronic post card (with my design on it) to someone, you can do it by visiting Givingli website, searching up my

name (Olga Ambrosova), browsing my collection … click on whatever post card you like, customize, click send, and VOILA! You just made someone’s

day a little bit better! If you too would like to send a customized post card with my design on it, please click the button below!

KOSU! Apparel

Back in 2020, I partnered up with (known at that time as) @kosuapparel to work on “AFFIRMATIONS” kollection. “AFFIRMATIONS” kollection encompassed 3 main ideas that I try to follow in my

life: 1 - happiness is found within yourself, 2 - always do what makes you happy, and 3 - focus on yourself. And I wanted to create a collection that would serve as a reminder of these 3 very important ideas not only to me but hopefully to other people as well. This collection included t-shirts and sweatshirts in 3 different designs.

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Bigger and cooler things. Like for example, moving outside of digital space into the buildings and streets. Please reach out if you'd like to collab!


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